Getting around the city

For someone heading to a large and complex city like Paris the first thing that comes into one’s mind is what is the best way to get around the city. To a tourist or a businessperson visiting the city for a few weeks or months this is a make or break question. In order to answer the dilemmas let’s look at each mode of transportation one by one and come to a convincing answer to the above mentioned question.

Like every city the mode that suits one the most depends on the place where you stay in the city but in Paris no matter where you stay in the city a metro station is just a walking distance from the spot you are standing at. Paris metro with its 14 lines is the second busiest subway system in Europe. The lines cover the entire city and even stretch in to the suburbs in some places. This is probably the cheapest mode and most reliable mode of transport in Paris with operating hours stretching well into the night.

For people who would like to stay in the suburbs that are not accessible by metro then no need to worry as the Regional Express Network better known as RER will take care of your travel needs. This railway network runs deep into the suburbs connecting them to the metro lines inside the city and the good news is for the areas not served by the RER there is Transilien which go even more deeper into the suburbs and connect them to the RER stations. Tramways are also making a resurgence in the city with services running into the suburbs to increase connectivity even more.

Now come the buses with 58 lines within the city Paris has one of the best bus networks around. They also have the Noctilien (Night Bus) which operate during the night when regular bus services and metros close for the night thus giving travelers a great and reliable mode of transport well into the night.
Coming to cabs, local cabs and Uber both are have good presence. The prices are similar for both of the modes but Uber wins if you are looking to travel during the night. But this mode is a bit on the high range side. For people who have deep pockets taxis give the comfort and value for money that people want.

Finally, comes cycling the healthiest and green form of transport which is very beneficial for traveling to short distances. Cycle booths are available all around the city and with the cycling app one can look at the available cycles at any place. Fares are very low and it’s a great way to travel and keeping yourself fit.
Now coming to a conclusion if you are living within the city limits and are looking for a cheap way to travel in the city then Paris metro is the best way to the travel. If living in the suburbs then go for the RER, Transilien or the tramways if looking to travel during the night choose the bus and if you are a comfort traveler choose Uber or cabs.

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